10 Beauty Myths Busted!

Posted by Duvi Stockholm on March 24, 2017 in Beauty & Skin Care
10 myths
10 Beauty Myths Busted

Have you ever been told by your Daadi/Nani to not cut your nails at night because it brings bad omens and what not? Well, guess what ladies – it’s 2017 and time to shatter some beauty myths and superstitions!


  1. Plucking grey hairs will cause more greys to grow!

    Let’s be real. It’s a hair, not a computer virus that will replicate itself upon deletion. If only it were that easy to grow 5 hairs in place of one hair plucked, people would be paying to have their hair pulled out, and not on expensive treatments! It’s not physically possible for hair follicles to increase simply by plucking out one.


  1. Moisturizing is only good for dry skin.

We all know an oily skinned person (some of us may actually even be guilty themselves) who will avoid any emollient skin products at all costs. Why? Because we don’t want to add a single drop of moisture to our already glistening skin. Wrong. Overly oily skin can be caused as a result of your body trying to compensate for the lack of enough moisture by producing excess oils. Moisturize with creams or oils that are made for your skin type and bust that misconception!


  1. Water keeps dry skin at bay.

Contrary to popular belief, water is not what keeps your skin supple and glowing. While water is essential for your vital organs and health, in truth it is oils that keep the hydration locked into the skin.


  1. Brushing your hair 100 times every day will promote growth.

    As much as we all wish that were true, it is not. Brushing the hair extensively everyday will do more harm than good to your locks, although it is a good idea to brush lightly and massage the scalp to ensure blood flow to the hair follicles which in turn will allow nutrients to get to your hair making them healthier.


  1. Petroleum Jelly is great for all your skin troubles.

A common household item, Vaseline or petroleum jelly has been an age old favorite for combatting skin issues. While Vaseline may be one of the strongest moisturizers out there, it surely isn’t a savior for every skin problem. What makes it so strong is the way it forces oils into the skin and traps them there, which may not be such a great thing for skin everywhere, specifically the face. Using petroleum jelly on your face can block your pores, suffocating the skin and in doing so, may even cause breakouts.

  1. Chocolate will cause acne.

    There has been no proven link between the consumption of good old chocolate and that zit on your face. However, a lack of appropriate skin care, hormonal imbalances and poor hygiene is more likely the culprit of acne. If you are acne prone, make sure to cleanse and moisturize the skin before hitting the bed every night and maintaining a healthy diet to keep hormones in check.


  1. Sleep deprivation causes dark circles.

    Sure, waking up from a good night’s sleep can leave you looking fresh, but unlike common misconception, sleep does not cause under eye circles. The root cause of under eye dark circles is due to a concentration of veins in the under eye area, which is why some people have constant trouble with dark circles while other can pull off all-nighters without literally batting an eye (pun intended). No amount of sleep or lack thereof will change this genetic makeup of capillaries under your eye area, however, you can depuff the area with a cold compress, use face products with ingredients such as Green Tea to help lessen the constricted veins and maintain a Vit C rich diet.


  1. Cutting your hair will make it grow faster.

Chopping off your hair does not make your hair magically grow. However, the occasional trim will surely keep your hair in healthier condition which will result in enhanced growth but cutting your locks to expect them to lengthen soon after doesn’t happen in this world ladies.


  1. Makeup with SPF offers enough protection.

No. Just no. It cannot be stressed enough, but to truly protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun, it is essential to use an appropriate SPF cream. It is also a common misconception that one can do without sunscreen on cloudy days. Wrong! Even on the cloudiest of days, the sun manages to seep in to your skin which is why sunscreen is most important all year round.


  1. Scrubbing the skin vigorously is good for it.

    Yes we all love the baby smooth skin effect that exfoliation and skin scrubs leave behind, but in truth you can damage your skin with continued vigorous scrubbing. Over-exfoliating may not only strip the skin of all essential oils and moisture, it can also harm the epidermis permanently. For best results, use appropriate scrubs made for your skin type sparingly, once every week.

And there you have it! 10 beauty myths – busted!

Stay natural, stay beautiful!


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