Combat Winter Skin Woes

Posted by Duvi Stockholm on January 13, 2017 in Beauty & Skin Care

Winter brings with itself a glorious array of delightful things- frosted mornings, hot chocolate and sweater weather among other seasonal festivities.

Sadly, winter chills are not always as kind to our skin, and when the temperature goes down, skincare regimes must go up a notch to keep things balanced.

Keeping the skin protected and cared for during the harsher, colder months of the year entails a few daily essential steps, but worry not, with the right skincare tools, the process can be simple and easy to practice regularly.

Regardless of your skin type, be it oily to combination or normal to dry, these few steps will help you balance the pH levels of your skin, invariably leading to a better looking, better feeling you!

The first and most essential step is to begin with hydration! Hydrated skin is happy skin. An important aspect of healthy skin all year round, the winter calls for amping up hydrating your body so drink up, chug as much water as you can among the sweet, warm winter beverages.

With that said, your skin will only retain that hydration, if cared for properly which brings us to the next step – exfoliate & shed all that dry, dead skin! Dry skin build up can block your pores making it worse altogether. It is important to keep the surface of your skin clean and exfoliated. Remove layers of dead, dry skin by using a gentle exfoliating scrub once every day.

And now the final step! To retain the glow of your hydrated, cleansed skin it is crucial to finish off with a moisturizing balm or face cream. Moisturizers with natural ingredients such as Shea butter will not only retain and maintain moisture levels, but will also aid in skin regeneration. The best time to let your skin relax and regenerate is during the period of sleep, so don’t forget to apply a night cream to the face and neck before catching up on your zzzs!

For the above mentioned steps to work, make sure the face wash you use does not excessively dry out your skin. Moreover, make sure you choose an alcohol free makeup remover which does not strip your skin of oil completely, leaving it over dry. Lastly, try and avoid very hot water showers since hot water opens up skin pores, allowing moisture to escape.

Following this winter skin care regime will leave your skin feeling soft and supple in no time for you to resume your favorite winter time festivities!

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