The benefits of using Paraben free Skin Care products

Posted by Duvi Stockholm on September 21, 2017 in Beauty & Skin Care

Paraben Free Skin Care

We use tons of cosmetic and skin care products each day, sometimes without considering the drastic skin and health damage they might be causing. In order to truly care for your skin, take a minute out to read the ingredients and substances used in your brand of skin care products. One such ingredient you must look out for is “Para-hydroxybenzoate” or better known as PARABENS.

What are Parabens?

Parabens are a class of widely used preservatives in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Chemically, they are a series of parahydroxybenzoates or esters of parahydroxybenzoic acid (also known as hydroxybenzoic acid).

Parabens are widely use in almost 90% of the beauty products found in the market. They help extend the shelf life of a product so as to sustain the benefits the product is intended to provide. Unfortunately, in spite of such benefits it has been proven that extensive use of products rich in Parabens can be harmful to an individual.



Benefits of using Paraben free skin care products

  • No More Skin Irritation and Redness

    Parabens cause allergic reactions like rashes, redness and irritation for many. If you find that your skin is frequently red and irritated, take a look at the ingredients of the products you regularly use; often that is where you’ll find the problem. Try and opt for products based on natural and organic ingredients. These products might take some time to show results but are more skin friendly in the long run.

  • You Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Recent scientific studies suggest that Parabens may cause certain cancers, especially breast cancer. This is because they stimulate an increased production of estrogen in women, thus facilitating the growth of cancer cells.

  • Healthier Hair

Shampoos containing Parabens can cause brittle, dry and frizzy hair.

  • Reduced Risk of Early Onset Puberty

The xenoestrogen effect of Parabens can lead to early puberty, early breast development and facial hair growth.

  • Increased Anti-Ageing

Parabens increase skin sensitivity to and damage from the sun; i.e. , when exposed to ultra violet (UV) rays, skin cells die at a much faster rate than normal. As a result, signs of ageing such as skin thinning, fine lines and wrinkles become apparent at an earlier age.  Paraben free skin care products and cosmetics preserve youthful skin and keep signs of ageing at bay for a longer period of time.

Despite the fact that cosmetics and skin care products that contain Parabens might have a longer shelf life, it is always better to regularly change the product you use and not store it over an extended time period. Products based on natural ingredients are more friendly towards your skin and believe it or not, your skin will thank you in the long run!

Stay natural, stay beautiful!




  • My wife was telling me the other day how her skin has been starting to get red and itchy when she moisturizes. I didn’t realize that parabens are what cause this type of reaction on her skin. I’ll definitely look into having her try out a paraben-free product to see if that helps.

  • You should definitely switch to Paraben-free products and also, sometimes the skin reacts to the fragrances used in the product so make sure the fragrances are Hypoallergenic.

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