9 Beauty Tips You Need To Know!

Posted by Duvi Stockholm on May 8, 2017 in Beauty & Skin Care

 9 Beauty Tips

  • Wash your face even if you are tired

There are times when you have had a really really long day and just want to hit the sack first and deal with your makeup removal rituals later. We have all been there! However, leaving on makeup or not washing your face after a day out (or even at home) can lead to serious skin care issues such as breakouts or allergies due to clogged pores. So don’t go a full day or night without washing your face.

Remember: clean skin is happy skin!

Cleanse Upwards

  • Cleanse Upward

Cleansing and keeping the skin clean is essential. While cleansing your face or applying a serum or lotion, always massage it into the skin in an upward and circular motion. This helps the active ingredients in your skin care products to quickly penetrate the skin and remove dirt and bacteria. For sensitive skin, opt for a mild cleanser which keeps your skin well hydrated.


  • Exfoliation is Success

Exfoliating the skin helps remove dead skin cells that build up on the skin’s surface, which can clog pores and cause blackheads and blemishes. So, exfoliating the skin leaves it fresh and clean while reducing dead cell build-up. If you have sensitive skin, do not use a scrub daily, instead start of by exfoliating once or twice a week and try opting for a fine scrub which is gentle on the skin. Remember: it is never a good idea to scrub too hard!


  • Moisturizing is a Must!

Moisturizer protects the skin. It helps with protecting the skin from blemishes, wrinkles and pimples. So, always use a moisturizer once or twice a day. Since our skin is usually oilier during the summer, try opting for a lighter moisturizer for hot, humid days. A heavier moisturizer is more suitable during the winter to ensure your skin isn’t stripped of essential oils and nutrients!


  • D.I.Y Face Mask: Use Honey!

If you can’t decide on what face mask to buy or want a simple home remedy with amazing results, the answer is: Honey! Honey has many skin saving properties, some of which include  its anti-bacterial, antioxidant, soothing and moisturizing properties. Good quality raw honey can be applied to the face as a mask (15 – 60 minutes) to treat acne scars, as a soothing agent and also to reduce signs of aging.

  • Protective Clothing

Spending long hours or even a few minutes in the sun can do serious damage to the skin. It is always good to use a sunblock with an SPF that best suits the weather conditions. However, wearing protective clothing to protect your skin can also help! Cover your skin with long-sleeved shirts, long pants and wide-brimmed hats.

  • Keep Your Hands off Your Face

Picking breakouts or spots, rubbing your eyes or hacking away at that tiny figment of dead skin on your face is one bad habit you need to get rid of! Our hands are full of germs given that they come into contact with unclean surfaces throughout the day (your phone being one of them) and touching your face repeatedly causes the skin to react and results in breakouts. Start by placing your hands on the table when you have the urge to touch your face. You will notice the difference in your skin within three weeks!

-Also, remember to wash your hands before you cleanse!

minimize make up

  • Minimize Makeup

One of the secrets to healthier, happier skin is not wearing a lot of makeup. Try and opt for Paraben-free natural, organic cosmetic products which are light on your skin. Avoid piling on layers of makeup and let your skin breathe!

stay happy

  • Stay Happy

It is important for you to feel happy on the inside for it to reflect on the outside! Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Incorporate healthy meals, drink lots of water and make sure exercise is a part of your routine. Keeping stress and anxiety at bay will leave you both physically and mentally happy, which will result in healthier, happier skin!

Love yourself first; everything else will fall into place 🙂

Stay natural, stay beautiful!



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