5 Reasons to Use a Facial Toner Regularly

Posted by Duvi Stockholm on January 19, 2017 in Beauty & Skin Care
5 reasons to use a facial toner


Ever wondered why you should invest in a facial toner and exactly what it does for your skin?  Here are 5 reasons why a skin toner should be on your list of must-have beauty products!


1. Clean and fresh on the go!

It purifies your skin without resorting to harsh cleansers.

2. Keeps your skin pH levels in check!

Your skin is by nature acidic, and alkaline soaps often disturb that natural balance with use over time. An Alcohol Free Toner will help restore the pH of your complexion.

3. Smooth it out!

Toners help your face products glide on better. Using a Toner will help prime your skin and effectively bind moisturisers and face creams to the skin surface.

4. Now you see ’em, now you don’t!

Magically shrink your pores by patting a toner with cotton onto clean skin!

5. Get that gunk off!

Toners can help remove residue and built up over time from hard water and minerals along with any leftover cosmetics.

Quick Tip: Using an Alcohol Free Toner ensures a gentle cleanse without stripping the skin completely of its natural oils.

Stay natural, stay beautiful!